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Special Populations

Student diversity comes in all shapes and sizes. Be it age, race, religion or gender — to name just a few — you are as unique as the talents you’ll bring to college. It’s time to find the right school that will nurture those gifts, your needs, and your individuality as a student.

Hands in center


Privacy, confidentiality, safety, security and happiness – all students are entitled to them but challenges are often greater for LGBTQ students due to misunderstanding, peer ...
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The great majority of student-athletes spend most of their high school years complying with requirements established by the National Association of College Athletes (NCAA), the ...
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Learning Disabilities

Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes, but they certainly shouldn’t limit your potential and dreams for college! Be they learning, emotional, or physical challenges, ...
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Just like there’s no single definition of “Artist” there’s no single (or simple) to become on by going to college. Dancers, actors, vocalists, graphic designers, ...
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