Pick Three

This three-five hour package is designed for the student who needs targeted and specific help in an specific area. It includes an overview of the college admissions process, including deadlines, as well as standardized testing options. For younger students this can include high school course planning and selecting extracurricular activities.  Following a review of the student’s academic record, students can ask questions to help develop plans to be more competitive college applicants. The Pick Three also can include a discussion regarding how personal and academic interests translate to college majors and subsequent careers.  ($150 per hour)

Pick Six

This Six-hour plus package can include all of the above services, and up to ten hours of additional support.  While each plan is customized to student/family needs, typical services include all aspects of the application completion process.  Following a review of admissions requirements by target schools, recommendations of  “match, reach, and safety” schools are presented to students/families.  This list can also include factors such as financial fit, test-optional schools, and need-blind schools. Following the final selection of schools, students are provided with organizational support for their applications, including Common and Supplemental applications and essays, personal statements, essay topic brainstorming, complete application proofreading, and interviewing guidance. This option also is available for transfer students. ($125 per hour)

Across the Board

This plan of more than 15 hours also can include all of the Pick Three and Pick Six services, but also be expanded to include the financial aid process/scholarship search.  Students and parents will be advised how to locate, qualify and apply for merit and private scholarships, state scholarships,  and FAFSA-generated federal grants and loans.  Instruction for how required forms can be completed online for all awards is included, as is an analysis of financial award letters received from colleges with acceptance notifications. If needed, this also can include support though negotiating and appealing financial aid packages offered by schools offering acceptance. ($100 per hour)

Although working face-to-face is always preferable, Skype, telephone, email, and text message communication is used throughout the above processes based on the needs and schedule of the student.  Document-sharing resources such as Google Dropbox also help facilitate the exchange of application materials.

Fees may be paid via check or PayPal, with payment plans available based on the extent of services required.

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